A question by an Atheist

Question. I have difficulty in accepting this nasty and ill tempered god that our religious clergy wants us to believe in. This god is either the product of human imagination or merely an imposter. Our real Creator would never hate His creation. And He would not want to burn His creation in the Hell forever.

Answer. GOD who commands all that is good and forbids all that is evil and who gave you a free will instead of making you a mindless drone deserves blame because you disobey him? Seriously?

Do parents who raised their child, teaching him only what is best and who gave him everything, deserve blame for the crimes that child commits once he rebels and refuses to listen and obey them? Would they be considered good if they would lock him up in chains for as long as they live and prevent him from committing crimes?

As far as the eternal punishment and reward are concerned who would think of them unjust except the guilty? Would those who heeded GOD’s call and lived moral lives think that eternal reward is unjust? How about a life sentence in this world? Do you object to that? How about we let them out once and see if they do better?

All of these issues are addressed in the Quran coincidentally. I would recommend you study it and find what GOD says about it. And if you believe that there is a creator then who are you to judge him? You who cannot imagine even the creation, you who cannot imagine the size of the ocean or the size of a star or the infinity of space think that you can somehow reason out the creator? What would even make you think that? Do not judge what you cannot even imagine. 

As far as nasty and ill tempered. Where did you read that? Because GOD will punish the guilty for their evil deeds? Would you punish someone who raped your daughter? Who murdered your son? Who oppressed them and enslaved them? Are we not all GOD’s children? Know that it is not GOD who commits crimes such as these but those in DISOBEDIENCE to GOD. You are telling me it is unjust to punish the guilty?

Then will We treat the Muslims like the criminals? What is [the matter] with you? How do you judge? (Qur’an 68:35-36)

Even after our crimes GOD gives us the opportunity to repent and reform and we can be forgiven but even that is not enough? Should each and every one of us see hell with our own eyes so we can be sure? Should GOD, the creator of the universe, come to each and every one of us individually and convince us of his existence? Most of us cannot even see the mayor of our city but we think we deserve to see GOD? Seriously? 

It is human arrogance that breeds such suggestions. I have no ill will toward you and I am of the people that would help you in the time of need but I have no respect for this way of thinking. I have no respect for it because it used to be my way of thinking. Maybe you do not realize it as I have not realized it long ago that this is nothing but arrogance and ignorance to take this view. If you have not read the books and Qur’an I strongly suggest you read them for yourself. 

GOD commands us mercy, charity, humility, honesty, kindness, peace and promises eternal bliss to those who learn to espouse such qualities in this short life. Those who do not, who find it acceptable to oppress, lie, cheat, steal, kill etc and who never learn to change are promised eternal damnation. If you think about it rationally, how could someone who never changed in this life be allowed into heaven among the meek, the humble, the truthful etc, would such people not eventually turn heaven back into hell? This is a selection process you decide where you go, we will be judged with justice and nothing but justice. After justice there is nothing else.

Surah Al-Anbiya, Verse 47: And We shall set up balances of justice on the Day of Resurrection, then none will be dealt with unjustly in anything. And if there be the weight of a mustard seed, We will bring it. And Sufficient are We as Reckoners.

You have a choice and I have a choice. You will have your deeds and I will have my deeds. You do not have to believe anything or anyone. you alone have the power over your life. GOD has warned us and now it is up to each of us. It is that simple. Whatever we may feel about it is our personal problem…

Surely this is a reminder, then let whoever wishes take the path to his Lord. — Quran 

Do it or do not do it. Whether you believe or do not believe is not my problem. It neither picks my pocket nor brakes my leg. I will continue to invite to our creator in a way I see it right, you do not have to heed the reminder nor listen to me.


Denis Daniel Kuzelj


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